Air without Bacteria and Viruses


Air without Bacteria and Viruses

UVC light effectively kills coronaviruses SarsCov-2

minutes of exposure

smaller reproduction

minutes irradiation


virus deactivation

Due to high efficiency of sterilization, direct UV-C irradiation cannot be used in a room where people stay during the irradiation.


Why released  RHODE UVC Sterylizers?

In RHODE sterilizers, air disinfection using UV-C light takes place inside a closed chamber, which makes these devices completely safe for people, animals and plants in the room.

Professional Sterilization

RHODE UVC lamps are used where a high level of sterility is required and the quality of services as well as the safety of patients and staff depend on the microbiological purity.

Domestic Sterilization

Home is the most valuable space that should be protected to support the most valuable – health and life of loved ones. RHODE sterilizers – equipped with professional high-power radiators and UVC light separators are an effective barrier guaranteeing family safety.